Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

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7 Nov 2005
Arsenal vs Liverpool champs league 2008. Fucking uncanny could have been filmed last Saturday.

Taken from an arsenal fan website.
'Rather than Liverpool fans blaming the fans who turned up with fake tickets, they blamed the police. In the video above, their demand seems to be simple ‘Let us in, we do not care’ despite the obvious safety issues created by too many fans being squashed into too small an area. The police made the decision to keep fans outside of the stadium, in the vast concrete surrounding the stadium, whilst they removed those fans with fake tickets and checked those fans going in that they had the correct tickets. The police were correct in their actions. Liverpool fans were the ones in the wrong'
Below Liverpool in Athens, blaming policing and organisation. Mmm..

Exhibit numbers 106 and 107 to go with all the other videos that show the vermin for what they are. Funny how all these grounds are fine with other games but something always goes wrong when they turn up. They must be the unluckiest fans in the world. And of course away fans at Klanfield never have any issues do they? And that is down to their stewarding and policing. League Cop semi final ring any bells
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