Liverpool Thread - 2022/23

Robinho's Subbuteo

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18 Jan 2009
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Can I ask you lot to leave John Aldridge alone. He made a simple mistake. It is very easy to get Noel and Liam mixed up, just like he thought he'd made 243 appearances for Liverpool when it was in fact Tranmere.
Simple mistake that's all.
It's like Dwight Yorke too, played ninety odd games for United but almost 250 for Villa.


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31 Mar 2022
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Oh shit Aman's got a mate. Only a matter of time before we're rumbled.

They create an alternate reality for themselves. It's best to leave them to their own delusions.

Tom Ford

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25 Jun 2022
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Millions of fans support clubs that arent their birth place or family ties. Theres more than 20 towns/cities in England lol.

I just think us with ties think we are more passionate and proud. In the dark days I would wonder what's it's like to support say arsenal. But I couldnt dream of doing it, City is my birthplace.

But any fan can support any club with 100% commit I wouldnt dispute it. Just I cant understand it lol.

As far as I am concerned if you are a City fan it doesnt matter where you are from, you are part of the City family
Listen I have no problem at all with people choosing to support whoever they like.. as people said it’s the modern way especially with Telly exposure now which was never the case back in my day.. maybe that’s why us older fans are so big on tradition.. I know in my school you only wore a Liverpool or Everton kit and the odd England one.. never in a million years would you wear the shirt of another club from another town or City but like I say times change and youth today seem to embrace anything strange or different...
Quick story of how I can’t get my head around this new modern way..
about six years or so ago I went on a stag weekend to Nottingham.. after a boozy Saturday night we were all in a Wetherspoons or something in the city centre hair of the dog type of thing... there were two rooms in this pub.. both had early kick off games on.. in one room Forest were playing Cardiff and there was about six locals watching the game.. in the other room United were playing Palace and it was packed worse still they were Nottingham people watching it instead of the team representing where they live in the other room by the way this is Nottingham a City who has a team which won two European Cups along with other majors.. it wasn’t a little town like. Gillingham or Peterborough but a major footballing City... but like I say each to there own just don’t get it myself..

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