Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

We’re not laughing at them ‘only’ winning the Carabao Cup. I would have loved City to win it. We’re laughing at them making these huge boasts that they’re going to send off Klopp by winning the lot, acting as if the Europa League is a formality. We had just as much chance as them of winning a treble (i.e. very little) and we’d actually just done it. But you didn’t hear any city fans banging on about how we’re going to win another one.

What a weird football club with their mindset and how they conduct themselves. Talking about quadruples in March when they had a lot of work to do to get anywhere near it.

Their players comparing their success to a club that has won significantly more than Liverpool has in the last decade and has held the world club championship, The Uefa supercup, The Champions League, The Premier League and The Fa Cup all at the same time which has never been done before in this country.

Their manager crying about fixture lists, how windy it is or how long the grass is. Their weird fans believing that City some how have PGMOL in their back pockets.

How they are eager to call every player they have the best in the world in each position. They were deluded to think they had signed some type of goal machine in Darwin Nunez but are mysteriously quiet on what a failure he has turned out to be.

Their mindset in the title race is to act like the world has ended when they are just two points behind City with 6 games to play. Pep wouldn’t let that happen the other way round.

if this so called rivalry between Pep and Klopp was reversed and the trophy count was the other way round it wouldn’t be even a conversation from them. These needy fuckers have to shoe horn themselves into every conversation as it has to be about them and how they are the best in the world at something . 95 percent of all their trophies were won over three decades ago and one Premier League title in that time is pathetic.

It’s not dawning on them that we are in the final few weeks of the gurning, toothy mard arse’s tenure. Their doesn’t seem much of a clamour from the top managers in world football to take the job at the victim drome, they will be back to where they were under Brendan Rodgers and Roy Hodgson in the not too distant future. That should give everyone outside of that shit stain self righteous football club a warm fuzzy feeling.
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theirs no one left that is on their level
What level would that be? The one where delusions become so ingrained you become a laughing stock? When you get to a stage where you have to abandon any and all independent thought, and sing from the same hymn book as all the other cult members? When any hint at a negative remark about the club is blasphemy on such a grand scale even Salman Rushdie would think twice about it?

No, no one is on their level, because the majority of us have the ability to think for ourselves.
Well, They was claiming they would win 4 trophies, but it seems the League cup is the swan song.

However, all is not lost. They still have the 'Everton get relegated' trophy to cling on too. (not that they ever mention Everton like, or think about them, or City, or Arsenal, or anyone else)

I love Everton, and lets be honest here, Everton are shite, but we ain't feckin deluded like the self proclaimed best in the world red shite.
They're not bothered about Everton in the same way that the Rags aren't bothered about City.
To be fair though, that applies more to the local fans of both red arse cheeks so there's a credible argument that my statement only applies to the minority of their followers.

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