Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

A classless weirdo of a man, running onto the pitch to celebrate with the team & Norwegian Koppites after a late Derby goal against diddy Everton sums him up , it’s all about me me me me me me
I've only just stopped having nightmares about that.
But I've found out if they do occur again, just to kick fuck out of the pillow imaging it's Jordan Pickford, then I don't see the Klopp sprint
The best news in a long time this is. No more daily sky fawning over him. No more constant mentions of how well he’s done on such a small budget and how much they’ve over achieved. No more constant comparisons to Pep. A good day for all.
In hindsight the 21/22 season was so pivotal in how both Pep and Klopp are viewed.
If Liverpool had won the league and CL final that season it would have been
Pep 3 PL titles
Klopp 2 PL titles and 2 CLs.

The majority of people would have considered Klopp to have been the greater success.

Fast forward 18 months and it's
Pep 5 PL titles and 1 CL
Klopp 1 PL title and 1 CL

and any comparison between the 2 now looks comical.

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