'Loyalty' in Football.


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25 May 2004
It's a nice piece. how old is he?
He is 17, actually, but is keen to develop a job in sports journalism ... he would welcome contsructive feedback
As a kid at Ozzy Rd primary in Chorlton on the early noughties, he had to weather a fair bit of glory-hunting shyites but stuck with City....despite the Dunnie own-goals !!!


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26 Jan 2005
Good luck to your lad.

At 17 I was either necking White Lightning or chasing the local slapper. Respect to him for doing it.

The enthusiasm in it is brilliant as is the balance.

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15 Oct 2009
111 South Stand
Well written. Good luck to your son.

On the issue of loyalty with players - it is vastly overrated, it's a selling point the companies such as BskyB use to get people paying for their product.


usually the same churned out words sports commentators/journalists use when covering many sportsas it sells, keeping us (the viewing public) interested.

Reality is, there has never really been loyalty, i mean here is Steven gerrard

And Frank Lampard before Chelsea

And this guy before he became the glorious pisscan at the Swamp

The media like to hide the fact that the likes of Sterling came from QPR or Cantona was at Leeds before the rags... and Fabian Delph was at Leeds aswell before Villa.
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16 Feb 2010
Good piece of writing. Nice slant. I am having something of a cathartic summer as Man City are attracting the best players. But meanwhile my hometown NBA team just experienced an entire squad leaving. One day, Sterling signed with City then my hometown team had to overpay it's point guard by about 20 million just to keep one decent player. Players want to win I get that. But if you can't attract decent players and nobody wants to stay...... how the hell do you build a squad? Post-hypnotic suggestion? Strong drugs?

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6 May 2013
The first sentence of the second paragraph is a bit clunky. Had to read it more than once. Maybe that's more of a criticism of me though. But I don't think you need the clause about who they played for.

The other thing I noticed was that the comparison between the media treatment of Lampard and Gerrard could have been made much stronger with some quotes from a variety of sources backing up the claims, otherwise it comes across as a bit of a paranoid conspiracy theory. And if you're gonna be a sports journalist (at least a decent one) it'd be a good idea to hide the fact that he's a City fan, because it was pretty obvious from the opinion piece. You've got to at least have the facade of being impartial, even if it is going on a fan website.

But yeah, he's right. Loyalty is a bit of a myth. It's very easy to be loyal to a club that's winning everything. It's also very easy to be loyal to a club that's at the limit of your abilities. The number of genuinely loyal players can be counted on one hand. Well, let's face it, it's Matt Le Tissier. And even he confessed that that was more down to him being a lazy bastard than anything else.

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