Luck to win the Champions League

Man-chester copperpot

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15 Jan 2017
While United were outclassed all game and won in with 2 goals in injury time in 99, Liverpool coming from 3-0 down to win in Istanbul, Madrid when Karius dropped the ball into the net, Liverpool v Vilareal with what i can only guess what a liverpool season ticket holder in net - all we need is a bit of luck or are we cursed?

Off the top of my head….
Against us :
Lyon - laporte fouled leading to their goal.
Spurs - handball for the goal 50/50
Missed penalty in the 1st game.
Liverpool - goal disallowed which came off their player.
Chelsea - no complaints (only ourselves to blame)
Madrid - should have been 2 yellow cards for their player in the 1st half, injury in defence for both legs, thoses chances for Grealish at the end, all them chances at the Etihad

For us :
Dortmund goal disallowed (Bellingham) which should have stood

Some things arent meant to be -i hope i live long enough to see us lift it

Blue and true

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13 Feb 2015
Luck has fuck all to do with it. It sounds cliche but it's a truth, you make your own luck in football. That game was ours last night, and we crumbled. The referee didn't tie our back four up in straight jackets in injury time. Nor did he coerce Cancelo into launching an idiotic ball into the box when all we needed to do was close the game out. We're far too naive for our own good.


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16 Feb 2009
I think the Atlético game had a lot to do with last night.
the amount of injuries picked up in that game was ridiculous.
and of course we pick up a suspension to Cancelo. Leaving us short for right back.

i don’t believe any of that was down to luck.


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21 Dec 2013
you cannot watch that game last night - the control we had throughout the 2nd half, the lack of Madrid shots on goal, the lack of Madrid attacks from 80 to 89 (very surprising) and the 2 goal buffer - and say we were 'unlucky'

what you can say is that the inability to finish, the naivest corner since Lomas, the total loss of shape, the panic and the reluctance to play football and/or 'manage' the remaining time, couple with an almost demonic self-confidence of a large section of the opposition fanbase, did have an effect.

that and it wasn't the final.

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1 Sep 2016
Great Britain, Greater Manchester
There’s no such thing as “luck”. Luck is a fiction of the human imagination.

Luck is what the superstitious or weak minded blame for something in hindsight when they don’t understand or can’t admit that it’s their own fault or that someone else is just better.

Everything happens by the coincidence of choices made, meeting or missing opportunity

There’s also no such things as “meant to be”.

Monaco began with poor recruitment in preparation for Pep coming and poor defending on the night.
Liverpool came during a period where we fucking shat ourselves every time we went to Anfield because of a weak mentality.
Spurs away was down to leaving out Kompany and deBruyne in the away leg.
Lyon was down to playing 5-2-3 and being swamped in midfield.
Chelsea was down to a collective weak mentality.
Last night was down to not playing out the end of the game smartly enough.

In all of those games we missed a lot of chances as well. And that’s been a hindrance to us even when we had a record breaking strikeforce.
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31 Oct 2014
I think it's more to do with serendipity rather than luck.
Chelsea were robbed on two separate occasions and then lost to United on penalties. However, their stars seemed to align perfectly when both Barcelona and Bayern missed crucial penalties against them in 2012.

Indeed I would argue that the best team lost in all the CL Finals involving Bayern and an English team (Leeds, Villa, United, Chelsea)

If City had been given Liverpool's side of the draw we would have probably beaten Benfica and Villareal. However, when we drew Spurs in 18/19 we missed a crucial penalty in the First Leg.

Last season, PSG battered us for 25 minutes, but couldn't get a 2nd goal. We then equalized from one of those fluky inswinging Free Kicks when everyone misses the ball.

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