Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread


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13 Jul 2008
Blackley,via Ardwick,Moston and Harpurhey.
Denayer was comical at Sunderland. it was the correct decision to let him go
D'ya think? The evidence says not.....I always liked him when he played for us(when he was a kid).....Sunderland, he was a fish out of water......fuck me, if I was at Sunderland.....I would be comical too. Getting battered, and swamped with his shit team mates.....glad someone saw the diamond in the rough


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20 Nov 2016
Didn’t think I would say this but I don’t think we should be giving Pep another contract. He knew Fernandinho Vinny David Silva and Aguero were coming to the end and had the cash to replace them. The first few months of the season teams like Norwich and Wolves exposed our weaknesses and here we are months later still struggling against teams that won’t roll over and let us play. I don’t think we have won a single game this season when we have conceded first ? Don’t think we lack fight or spirit but Peps whole philosophy seems to be based on the opposition just collapsing and when they don’t we are fucked. Fernandinho absolute legend for the club but at 35 he should be just coming on in last 20 minutes to keep control of a game - not starting at CH or in a back 3 like tonight against pace - this isn’t tactical genius - just common sense - and if Pep can’t even apply common sense then thanks for the memories and move aside for someone who can take us forward.


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4 Oct 2012
Those glaring chances go in, we win and I guarantee we're all sat here smugly saying "Pep masterclass".

We had enough chances to win the game. The players didn't take them. That cannot be the manager's fault.

I agree. Too much slagging the manager when the reality is we have a player who yet again can't put the ball into a fucking empty net when it matters. That miss will be talked about for decades. Utter crap.

Mike Cledford

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9 Jun 2019
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Man City
To make matters worse l turned BBC on and was glad to see the commemoration of VJ Day from the Albert Hall. The great Willard White was singing with the Massed Bands of the Brigade of Guards. Turned up the sound to see they were doing YNWA. Turned off in a flash

balotelli's back pocket

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12 Jan 2016
Who'd have imagined 20 years ago that we'd all be absolutely fucking fuming at losing a champions league quarter final.

Not having a go at those who are venting their frustrations, but I think there's also a need for some perspective. After a sore defeat this place can become a bit of a torture chamber, leaving you feeling worse and worse until you forget where we actually are as a club.

We are underperforming in Europe, I don't think anyone would disagree. It's been a disappointing season.

But it isn't the end of the world. We've come off two incredible seasons. A little over a month ago we didn't know if we'd play in the champions league for the next two years! We all gleefully told UEFA and the bastards undermining us where to go, even Pep.

Let's not let one failure take away from all that. We can win the champions league next year, or the year after. We can win it under Pep. We can (and surely will) win it once he's gone, whenever that is. We know that regardless of European failures, we can win the league over a season once we patch up our squad. Give me the league any day.

We all know we have big weaknesses. Tonight some were exploited. Top players made errors. Shit happens. We'll strengthen and go again.

It's ok to be disappointed. We all are, bitterly. But remember, when the dust settles, we're still fucking good. Just not the best... yet.

john blue

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6 Jan 2009
Same shit different year,

Pep overthinks these games, instead of us just playing our football,

There is no real leader in this team, the way Kompany was.

We need to bring in a player who would drag them by the scruff of there neck at halftime and chew them out.
what s happened to the " when we lose the ball, we get it back, in ten seconds, when bernado was snapping at the heels , and now we have this come fucking dancing football at the back, on the halfway line,, 10 fucking passes , giving the opposition time to get things sorted. Shite performance, with pep biggest culprit,what the fuck are we playing someone who has told us he does not want to play for us , shit team selection, absolute dire sub selections , foden, silva , and I am sick of hearing from so called experts about how good is laporte is , he is as quick as my fucking mother. peps record on buying players , and his record of buying is fucking rhubarb. I shall now finish my chenin blanc, got to bed , and watch a murder., BASTARDS.


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13 Oct 2009
Can’t help feeling Pep overthinks things and it comes over as bottling it in the big games,too conservative for these opponents,our strength is in attack and he showed Lyon too much respect.


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26 May 2005
Watch and manage a lot unfortunately. If you can’t see then your clinging onto the great player pre injury
So you write players off based on a few performances after a long term injury? I bet you’re a brilliant manager

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