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Exeter Blue I am here

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30 Jan 2011
Take a wild guess.......
Got away with one! Our opponents had 5 shots, only two of which were in the box and only one on target. We had 16 shots (almost double the average Brighton have been conceding)...

We had some struggles in last 30 minutes, when Brighton put a lot of effort winning the ball back, but City rightly won the game.
That Brighton didn’t have a centre forward worthy of the description, doesn’t change the fact that we were pants and, yes, got away with one. Play with that level of complacency against Palace and we’ll get beaten

If I die in the Kippax St

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23 Feb 2016
One of Pep's brain fart nights for me.
Totally agree as Jesus caused two immediate fuck ups putting us on the back foot. I could not understand peps thinking. The correct sub would have been Dino at that stage but as for motd I’m giving it stones. You can’t win then all in the way we would like so job done and move on to the palace game. Well done lads.


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3 Jan 2009
Dias is starting to be so good that he does not stand out - for being so good

Wow - what a bargain

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