Manchester City - Premier League Champions 2018/2019


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7 Nov 2011
To be still be in contention for four trophies by mid-April was an achievement in itself. To then finish up with a cup (possibly another) and to win the league against what is a great Liverpool side - having at one stage been 7 points behind them - is marvelous. 98 points is the icing on the cake.

Maybe now we might start to get the credit from football fans, pundits and the media that we deserve. I won't hold my breath, though.


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8 Jul 2009
stunned, dazed and still can't quite believe it!!
Massive congratulations ladies and gents, an amazing win.
To have to win the last 14/15 games on the spin to do it is incredible.
The team spirit and determination in the team is growing and growing.

You've also done the whole world a favour by preventing the dippers from was unthinkable that they'd a huge Thankyou.

And but for Jesus last second strike last season, you'd have the same points haul...incredible.
All done with major injuries, most notably KDB....

Speaking of last season, you thought the gap between you and the rags was big last year...fuck me, it's stratospheric now.

You are all reaping the rewards, the rewards of your loyalty when times were bad, the rewards despite taking abuse at the hands of the rags for decades, of bringing your kids up supporting City, whilst your neighbours were the darlings of the media.....

You've had dogs abuse for decades at the hands of your neighbours.....
But now is your've stuck through it, and fuck me, you've come through the other side...
...well rejoice and enjoy every last fkn minute...because this ride isn't going to finish for a good while.

Delighted for the lot of you....get a win next week and have a fantastic summer.

Think I’ve started chopping onions... cheers mate.


30 Apr 2019
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Man City
I cannot remember the last time I woke up this happy, even if I spent half the night up chucking my guts out. Can't wait to do this again next season


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27 Jan 2014
Every one of the 4 Premier League titles has felt wonderful and yet different. I didn't think anything could surpass the Aguero moment but If I was forced to have a favourite it was yesterday. The consistent excellence of this squad is just beyond belief. Every aspect of their performance has been unreal from goalkeeper to offence. The whole squad have played their part and everyone has contributed but the standouts for me have been Eddie, Aymeric, Bernardo, Raz and Kun. Special mention for Captain Fantastic Vinnie whose goal on Monday was the title defining special moment.
I didn't have any doubts yesterday even when Liverpool and then Brighton scored. Such is my confidence in this squad. Hats off to Pep and the entire coaching staff who have created an environment which is very special. No cliques, no ego, just brilliant technical footballers who give everything for each other and our beautiful blue shirt. It isn't just the winning of titles, it is how we do it that is so special. Nobody helped us, no dodgy penalties or offside goals given for us, most 50/50 decisions given against us, the entire media wishing for a Liverpool win. Nobody could stop us winning and winning by playing the most beautiful football ever played in this country.

Thank you Pep, thank you Sheik Mansour, thank you to the coaching staff and squad, thank you to all fellow blues who have made the atmosphere at the Etihad the best it has ever been this season. What a time to be a blue and what the hell will the next two seasons bring?

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