Manchester Low Emission Zone


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31 Aug 2020
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No idea why anyone is surprised that career politician and failed mp andy burnham is playing politics . As soon as westminster flutters its eye lashes he’ll be off again.

more fool the voters for voting a scouser in ;
Bad enough paying for the scouse **** on my council tax bill ….. now they want even more money from an ever dwindling income and ever growing bills
I only found out today he was a scouser ,hides his accent well the prick

davyhulme blue

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13 Dec 2010
And that's the problem, for people not in the self employed sector it is easy to say 'get a new van its cheaper'. Fir many it's not.
For businesses that can afford it costs will be passed to us the consumer.
Yes .As Marcus has already said the new vehicles are not good enough yet for range , charging price etc . Hardly whining is it trying to carry on making a living .

Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
The GMCA is completely separate from the 10 MBCs, it owns zero of the airport.

Each MBC has had their budget cut by over 50% in the last ten years, and any income would just go to help bridge the shortfall in respective MTFS.

Burnham has very little power compared to the GLA Mayor, and certainly no power to take money out of each LAs budget. He couldn't even get Stockport to be part of Places for Everyone.

If your budget was £1b 10 years ago, but now £500m a £5m or £10m dividend for each MBC didn't touch the sides.
@Corky are you saying that
a) pre pandemic manchester Airport made no money
b) if they did, the councils that make up greater manchester did not benefit from that money ?
my answer is yes they did to both but it was not invested in anything regarding travel

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