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  1. BlueSkyBlue


    24 Feb 2012
    Being "redudant" and "redundancy" have a different meaning. What is he if not redundant to City as a football team? The management team have given him some chances, he hasn't taken them - the management team have looked elsewhere, making him "no longer needed or useful: superflous" which is the definition of "redundant". (*Oxford English Dictionary)

    That was my use of the word, but even the engineering definition of the word fits "not strictly necessary to functioning but included in case of failure in another component" - I wasn't using the employment definition where your company offers you "redundancy".
  2. yankblue


    3 Jan 2009
    We gave him that contract and it's our obligation to live up to it. It's not up to players to make sacrifices to save billionaire owners money every time a signing doesn't work out. I don't get that mentality.

    Just because it's a bigger number doesn't change the fact that this is his job and he was promised a wage that he's entitled to. If my employer came to me and asked me to even take a minimal paycut I'd tell them to fuck off, I'm not sure why professional athletes are expected to take the high road.
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