Martin Tyler


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25 Jan 2009
Blue Moon
He is one of those people who will not retire and carry on till he drops in a way that great but seeing as he is shite he should be put out to Pasture!


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25 May 2008
Tyler is not fit for purpose.
The Italy v Spain match recently..his commentary for the goals is appalling.
Our own Forward scores a deft volley in a tight,important natch to open the scoring ..and his response ,in a flat voice....
" and it's led to them taking the lead"
He shows no excitement at all that the only player on the pitch with 11 goals in his last 11 international games,has just poached another with a brilliant finish ,putting Italy's 37 game unbeaten record at risk
It took this man a while to utter the words "Ferran Torres .."
But he quickly managed to shove "Luke Shaw "into the moment by saying his the last player to open the scoring against italy in an international match.

The words Manchester City were never mentioned of course.
At all.almost as tho he isn't allowed to......


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14 Oct 2016
My first thought when I saw this thread had been bumped was; "oh shit, I finished the ice cream last night", does that make me a bad person?
Anyone who finishes the ice cream thereby depriving his family of that pleasure, is ipso facto a very very bad person.

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