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30 Mar 2009
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1961_vintage said:
mancunial said:
Tyler monkey? Murdoch organ grinder?


They already have subscriber reduction problems.

Imagine the uproar if people like Tyler start being even handed or even complimentary about Manchester City?

From Bromley to Bristol, from Nuneaton to Norwich, the heart of Sky's subscriber base - ie those plastic tossers from up and down the country - will be cancelling their subscriptions and cutting up their viewing cards. Is Tyler really going to risk the wrath of Murdoch just to keep MCFC fans placated?

Send all the e-mails you like. Only one thing matters I'm afraid. £££££££££££'s.
unless it's the non-rag fans ripping up their viewing cards because they are sick of the rag sycophants

Rösler von Stretfordbömber

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3 Jan 2013
Okay, what made me just jump out of my skin with anger was when we were up 4-1 I think and Twatface comes out with something along the lines of "a better side than CSKA would have eaten City's lunch."

HOW!?!?!?! By scoring 5 goals? Good grief, it was four to fucking one!!!!!!!!

Hey Twatface, how did a club ranked 1 slot below CSKA by the Euro Club Index fare against your little house squad yesterday night?
<a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>

Euro Club Index is more comedy material than anything to my eyes (seriously, Atletico???). But the point remains - his beloved rags managed a limp 0-0 against a European club of roughly equivalent calibre to CSKA.

Who, I might add, probably have a wage bill about equivalent to Everton. Fuck you Tyler, you Twatface fuck!


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19 Jul 2005
Is this Tyler ? Sounds like him.

Ignore Gary Neville being a ****, and listen to what he says on 35 seconds.


Mr. Aguia

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19 May 2012
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Tonster said:
Berkovic_blue said:
Tonster said:
Well having been at the game last night I've only just watched the recording through again on Sky. Having read most of this thread I was expecting some kind of assassination but heard nothing of the sort.

Both Tyler and Quinn were more than fulsome in their praise of Aguero, Silva and Negredo using words like world class, brilliant, unplayable etc

They may well have discussed our defensive frailties but hand on heart who can say conceding 3 at Villa, Cardiff, home to Bayern and 2 vs CSKA, Chelsea can continue.

We know it needs sorting so it's bound to get comment. As for Tyler not screaming every time we scored it's all relative. Remember QPR at home when Aguero scored, was that loud enough?

Remember they're not City fans and so won't comment and talk as such. Talk about paranoid.

It was nothing special, plenty of other commentators did a better job.

Thought he was ok last night nothing more. The one that sticks in the memory from recently is the West Ham game where he sounded absolutely gutted when we scored and almost sounded apologetic that we were winning.

It's funny then that most ringtones still have that commentary on them, almost iconic.

Just don't see that there is any real bias. As I said they're not City fans so won't always scream in excitement every team we score like we will.
They commentate on dozens of teams every week.
Personally I think Tyler is the best commentator out there (name any better?) and does a decent job.
Now Alan Green on the other hand......

True but in the first leg vs CSKA they certainly screamed with more passion when they scored. I thought last night was better than the first leg but they still focused ont he negative far more than the positive. We were up 4-1/4-2 and they were going on and on about the defense. Yes the defense is poor but the offense was spectacular. I just didn't like the way they minimized getting through the group stage and talked about the 2 previous poor attempts in the CL when in reality we had 1 poor group stage and both were in the group of death. Yet while Arsenal isn't setting the world afire in their group it's minimized because they are in this years group of death. Or how quick they are to pronounce Untied are back in form and on their way to competing for the PL title because they beat a dreadful Fulham team.

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