Mason Greenwood - latest target for gutter press?


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23 May 2016
Oh, wait, no... turns out he did a bit of laughing gas a few years ago. It's just the hysterical media reaction that made me assume he must've killed someone.

It looks like the media have finally given up on attacking Raheem Sterling. And wouldn't you just know it, along comes another young black successful footballer to fill the gap. While I agree that his exploits in Iceland with Foden were stupid and selfish, now they're going after him for doing what most teenagers in England do at least once. I know I did far worse at that age.

Shouts in comment sections around the internet for him to resign, or United to sack him even. Where was this outrage when Marcos Alonso got drunk and killed a kid in a car crash? Or when Giggs had a long-term affair with his sister-in-law? I can't qwhite put my finger on it...



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21 Nov 2008
In a thread thats about to get pulled.
It's covert racism. We should care very much.
No doubt it can be but at its heart is this need for so many of us to be force fed shit like this as if it is somehow news that we need?

Who will read this and think "well fuck me, i'm glad i know that now"?

Its a rag player, a rag story, it will generate clicks and interest, its typical of the build them up and knock them down attitude that has been a mark of our press for years and sadly, its a mark of a now desperate BBC to be seen as relevant as they chase clicks like some needy fucking blog writer would.

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