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25 Mar 2016
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Guy Mowbray: “Newcastle hacked it away and and scored in the only way they were every going to be able to today - on the break.”
I though I was watching a fabulous move (including an initial great pass to a teammate who then held up the ball momentarily before taking out two or three filth players that were pursuing him). He then switched the play to the right, where two Newcastle players combined brilliantly on the right to score clinically past poorly positioned De Gea.

For a moment I was convinced I must be watching an alternative commentary scripted by Pravda.

I’m usually braced for the fawning bollocks the BBC spews out in favour of their plastic darlings, but was genuinely taken aback when - finally about to get on to the games of any note played that day: eg an amazing win for palace over spurs and the all too brief highlights of the esoteric clash of the champions playing away to perennial top four contenders Leicester - we were informed by Gary that we could stop watching and instead switch over to iPlayer to watch MOTD from the beginning in case we been watching the tennis, and missed the second coming against the second rate.

Who could live without having luxuriated in the Ronaldo love-in the rest of us had already been nauseatingly forced to endure.

PS the show pony reminds me of shearer, in that he will shoot no matter what, invariably when it is clearly not the best option. Both regularly shoot/shot from places and angles that are blocked by many defenders and stand only a tiny chance of resulting in a goal. These ego-fuelled decisions (like PR7’s early ridiculous effort to shoot acutely from the left into a crowded well-defended box devoid of teammates) instead of checking back or crossing will hopefully cost utd dear. He also shot in the week from outside the box (only a couple of yards in from the touch line) against Ireland in the week in his desperation for another personal accolade.

It surely can’t be coincidence that he managed to break Juve’s hegemony over Seria A or that Shearer only ever won a single trophy?
It might sound daft, but surely you can score too many goals as an individual? Especially if an extra half dozen for your tally results in an overall reduction of, say, 15-20 for your team as whole - because you don’t retain or pass the ball when you should - and continually shoot from preposterous positions.
He's just an expensive Darren Huckerby...

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