Match Thread | Man City vs Burnley (28/11/20)

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29 Nov 2011
in your head
Team supported
I am fairly sure ever other team would have seen a replay of the offside goal with the lines at half time but not us not that I believe in conspiracies
not shown again because it wasn't offside. PiGMoL have got to come with an excuse before they decide why it wasn't allowed to stand, THEN they'll show it


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27 Mar 2011
Well c'mon,it was a daft comment.Scoring 3 or more against this lot is hardly conclusive evidence our struggles are over.

We look alot better today,but Burnley are a Championship team in all but current stature.

No, no, no.

You were going mental at Pep's selection for this game.

You were liking comments about how we couldn't score with this line up in this game.

You were claiming everyone could already predict how badly we would play in this game.

You knew it was fucking Burnley at home when you were having a meltdown and calling Pep a daft twat for picking the side for this game.

So don't now tell me it's only Burnley. Just hold your hands up and say actually Pep made the right decision starting Mahrez, he picked a midfield that dominated the opposition and a left back who played well and got on the scoresheet.
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