Match Thread | Man City vs. Chelsea FA Cup (20/04/24)

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0-0 at HT can be two good teams cancelling each other out. Not today, two poor teams doing next to nothing.

We look absolutely fucked.

Stones might currently be the slowest thing on earth, on two legs. He’s either injured, or can’t be fucked. I don’t like either.

Walker looks likes he’s never kicked a ball before.

If Bernardo fancies bothering his arse at any point, it would be useful.

Grealish has been the only one that’s been anything like good enough.

I know we are tired after midweek but maybe if we are THAT tired, others should have started. I would have happily tossed this game off in favour of the league.
How exactly has Grealish looked good enough. Time he stepped up and ran a game. Maybe score for instance.
Doku needs to come on, maybe Lewis and Bobb too.
Get some fresh legs on that'll bring some energy.
Bernardo is really the only one who can use the tired excuse that actually looks really tired. Grealish and stones look far more knackered than the rest and they didn't play 120 minutes.

We need to make changes now rather than waiting until we go a goal behind, necause we will if we continue like that.

Yet again, pep sets us up with the suicidal 1v1 defending. Why? It's so, so dangerous and we get so little benefit out of it. If they got their attacks right. Theres 4/5 chances minimum to score an easy goal that half.

Just add the extra man security in defense ffs and maybe they won't look like scoring an easy goal everytime they step over the halfway line.

I'd get grealish and bernardo off at half time, doku on for the threat and kovacic for the stability and balance.
International commentary claims Stones was blowing out his arse. Taking deep breaths when he got the chance.
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