Match Thread | Man City vs. Chelsea FA Cup (20/04/24)

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Completely wrong team…. Bobb, Lewis, Kovacic and Doku could all have started and none have. Even if you dont start all of them a couple surely must after Wednesday

Akanji pushing into midfield while stones remains deep marking Jackson is frankly perplexing
I don’t think Stones is fit, so I’m not too surprised he’s staying back.

Completely agree about the others though - Doku and Bobb should have started and Nunes would at least add a bit of energy.

If we don’t feel confident enough in Nunes or Kovacic to start at least one of them today given what happened in Wednesday then we’re basically admitting that we should never have bought them.
We are lacklustre due to tiredness, it’s nothing else. Some changes required at half time please to give us that spring we need. COYB
Pep needs to make changes that will count. Bar the keeper we have only had Dias and Erling missing. Look to the bench who is their based on performances who can make a difference?
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