Match Thread | Man City vs Inter - CL Final (10/06/23)

As promised, I would come back in the case you guys won ;)

First of all, congratulations on your victory. I am a little bit sad and disappointed, but maybe because of having done the Treble in 2010 ... and because we didn't lose to an italian team (and we still beat Milan in the semis), I am actually quite okay. I had my glorious moments, and lived it before, so I guess that helps!

In my opinion, Inter would have deserved to equalize (and therefore go to extra-time), but such is football and sports in general. Win some, lose some, so congratulations!
In the end, you still had the tougher run to the final ... so while the game was surprisingly equal (and in a sense it could have gone either way), you are deserved winners. Good job, and enjoy it!

I was very impressed by my team and I would have expected us to do much worse. Some part of me was thinking .... "is City really as strong as they say? we are doing pretty well against them, maybe people are wrong and they are not so good"

But then I thought ... you won Madrid 4 - 0. So, of course you are really good.
Just, maybe, we weren't as bad as most people had made out to be.
We may have lost the final, but at the end of the day we were able to show, in my opinion (even if our football isn't the most fun), that we deservedly got there.

I didn't see this thread on the night. I just tried to concentrate on the match.
Plus, I was very pissed on some Scrumpy Jack shit and (apparently, according to my partner), I vomited in the toilet after the match and then went to sleep.

Oh well ;-(
A year ago today. An absolute wreck at the final whistle; a changed man ever since.

Every player in that squad immortalised. We'll be talking about them all for decades.


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