Match Thread | Man City vs Kitchee (24/07/19) @ 1.00pm

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31 May 2017
Does anyone wanna give a run down of how individuals got on? Would be appreciated! The games not available to rewatch and I was in work during it. Specifically intrigued to know how Angelino, Rodri and the youngsters got on. Plus how Sterling looked through the middle etc.
To be honest, you missed very little. Between the heat and Kitchee's level being so far below ours (obviously) it was even more of a glorified training session than these usually are. Very difficult to make any judgements on our proper first teams in my opinion. Of the kids I thought Doyle and Bernabe continued to impress. Bernabe in particular looks a. ridiculously talented and b. like the type that is better with better players around him. I'm really curious to see how his season goes.
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