Mayweather vs. Canelo Thread


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9 Aug 2009
If Khan fights Mayweather then that glass chin of his is going to make him a lot of money! Will be a great pay off for him!


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24 Jan 2012
Dancing in the dark
The cookie monster said:
NipHolmes said:
The cookie monster said:
Not sure its anything to do with that tbh mate
Then again who knows
The other two judges are getting a pounding too for their scores
4 round & 6 round victory,embarrassing.

I scored it 9-3 to Mayweather.
Dont know where he won 3 rounds
1 or 2 tops and that's being generous

The female judge actually had Canelo winning 4 of the last 5 rounds
That's when Money was at his strongest

Truly a remarkable fuckup of scoring

Some rounds Mayweather was caught clean with decent punches and Alvarez forced the action. I scored that the way Yanks do, ODLH got a split decision for same thing yet was soundly beaten. Yanks score aggression. Personally I think Mayweather bosses the fight from start to finish but technically you can see how Alvarez was given rounds.

The more I think the fight was scored a draw the more it saddens me. It's an absolute joke.

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