Media Discussion - 2023/24

An interesting and very inaccurate table with premier league winning managers on the BBC website.

Shows Klopp with 3, Pep with 4, Pellegrini with 2 and Dalglish with zero.

Apart from the first three errors, how can you even have a table of winning managers with one of them showing as won zero?


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Daily Telegrapgh main headline - picture of Pep and the top team and the trophy with the following headline emblazoned over it - B......s

"Man City’s 115 charges and Pep Guardiola’s exit are looming despite latest triumph"

Big nose Thompson on talkshite eulogising over Bingo on what he’s done for Liverpool and how great he’s been for the premiership .
Well I’ve got news for you Peps done it tenfold but all the scouse prick can come back with is 115 charges . I know where I’d like to stick his asterisks PTIAC
Some Gooner on Talksport nearly in tears going on about Artetas fist pump, no idea what his actual point was but let him hang his hopes on us being relegated next season or whatever shit he was coming out with before they cut him off.
Was in the car and heard this. When he said he was in tears i was shouting back at the radio, “you’re not the only one mate”.

Its the small wins… ;)

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