Media Discussion - 2023/24

For balance The Morning Star doesn't mention money, ownership or charges in it's article just basically says City are the best and no reason why they can't make it 5. Yes I did say balance and Morning Star in the same sentence which is a rarity in itself but credit where it's due.
I'm sure they realise that football has always been about money and wonder what all the fuss is about.
Calling Stones an idiot? God help you when @Eccles Blue sees that!
I sincerely, very sincerely hope that he is referring to Sam Cunningham or whoever was responsible for that headline, as an idiot rather than John Stones or there will be no cellar, jungle, or plastic surgeon world wide who will help him escape my wrath!!
Disgraceful, disgusting, disingenuous!!! FOOLISH FOOLISH PERSON! :-) ;-)
An utter disgrace to himself the game, his family and friends (if he has any that aren't red top fans) . The comments are even worse. What a bunch of deranged clusterfucks. I mean these trumped up charges don't even relate to any of the last 4 seasons....the fog of delusion has really descended on these cretins
The narrative will never change. The “115 charges” was a deliberate soundbite. That’s why the PL split up the six central allegations into small chunks. The PL leadership have used the media as a weapon to give them leverage in ongoing legal discussions. But it has backfired on them because Masters and his pals have no way out now and I don’t believe they have any evidence of wrongdoing either.
Here's how the Daily Telegraph covered our historic 4 times win - their Northern Sports correspondent no less !


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Don't listen to talksport normally but tuned in this morning. How glorious it is to listening to all these sad morons coming out with all sorts of crap on why we aren't a great team going on about the charges, the money etc

the greeks came out with less myths than these idiots.

you'd think that Ferguson built a team with a bunch of street urchins or wenger rescued henry and viera from playing sunday league on hackney marshes.
Wont even mention the scousers as even
Well you know what carry on being delusional because as long as you and your clubs blame
Honestly why even bother with the media they are pandering to a bunch of morons that couldnt even debate it.

You honestly think that the same charges would have been at Man U you would have had this witchhunt ????
Like fook you would and the narrative now for these wankers is to make out that if the charges are dropped they must have still done something wrong !!!!! How in god name does that even work ?????

We all know where the root is and that 3 red shirted clubs who simply cannot deal with it. Three clubs that are run by rip off merchants yet the owners who have put billions into the local area who have helped give this country the greatest team ever are branded the bad guys i give you the english media in a nutshell

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