Media Thread - 2019/20

Scottish Cityzen

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1 Dec 2017
Cant wait for the sun, sky sports news, talksport and the daily mail to be disgusted at utd ruining football and also to highlight the fact that the rags have the costliest defence in England and possibly Europe.
These journalists will be tripping up over themselves to be the first to report it.
Is this the same group of journalists who are reporting Manure’s PERFECT record of wins in pre-season....following their 2-2 draw over Milan ????

Apparently the end result is key when reporting on the sh!t

They will not bat an eyelid at the fee*for Maguire, cos United have loads of money earned the ‘right way’

*until it all goes pear shaped and they’re fighting to hold off Wolves, Leicester and Everton for the coveted final “big 6” place.


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15 Jan 2007
how depressing it is to read most of what football journalists churn out. why is it ok to lie about everything these days? politicians, journalists, food manufacturers, car manufacturers, ... pretty much anyone with a vested interest in making money out of the public will more often lie than tell the truth. integrity has been consigned to the history books.
i once rated ollie holt, such a shame he is as tainted as the rest of them now. thank fook for samuels!!
Sports journalism has been on a downward spiral for decades. Very few reporters are capable of generating a genuine news story from their own contacts. Holt used to be one of the better ones but he also seems to have been sucked into the world of social media tittle tattle. The traditional media brands are dying on their feet because people, especially football fans don't trust them any more. The BBC has become a laughing stock with its coverage of football, especially online.

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