Media Thread - 2019/20

Jesus H Gabz

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14 Nov 2019
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It almost seems like we are getting more praise now we arent champions anymore, than when we were the best team england has ever seen. The media are a weird bunch.
It’s the price you pay for being at the top, the scallies have found out in one week what it means to be top & they’ve already proved they can’t handle what’s being dished out, wait till they’ve had 6 months of it! Never mind the 6-7 years we’ve had, the press in this country build you up to knock you down, the strength & resilience in our club including us supporters is Incredible

Rochdale Blue

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3 Jun 2009
There is nothing more the media love to do than building someone up and then being able to shoot them back down when the time is right.

Liverpool and klopp had better prepare for that. I have no sympathy over that post match interview whatsoever.

Klopp was giving it the 'we come to win' large one in the pre match interview and also stated they had partied one night only

The dipper players then walked out with an arrogance and Billy big balls attitude.

Then they got totally turned over by ourselves and outclassed after 20 mins.

Klopp then couldn't handle what had happened and decided to be a prick in the post match presser

Well we will get to see it more next season, klopp has had an easy ride from all the media since he arrived - the dippers will see what if us like when every single team wants to take your scalp and how some will totally shut up shop
Totally agree, and as you say, Pep has to put up with far worse than anything Klopp has faced. I'm looking forward to a total meltdown if next season doesn't go as planned.

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