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Pingu the Penguin

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29 Sep 2009
The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle in these sort of incidents. Sounds like some of Maguire's group were off their heads (including his sister) and out of control. No doubt the Greek police have over-egged the allegations to cover their own backs.

yes probably. What is weird tho is it is an elite area. They will see shiz like this all the time and cover it up to protect business. They must have well over stepped the line


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23 Apr 2012
And, Robertson, Henderson, Keita, Fabinho, Mane, Firminho, Sala, Wijnaldum, Solanki, Grujic, Karius, Klavan, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Shaquiri, Minimino, Tsimakas. Total cost £450M.
What’s wrong with you?? Clearly fake news.
dont you remember the tales at your grandfather’s knee of all those players kicking an old ball around the backstreets of toxteth, their little faces all red and rosy and their eyes wide with wonderment at the thought of pulling on that legendary red shirt and paying the club for the privilege of standing on the hallowed turf of Anfield, and fulfilling their lifelong ambitions?

Maly Wilson

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22 Jul 2009
Busy Managing my other love - High Lane FC
Oh l see. Tell us never then.
We NEVER broke the transfer record for a goalkeeper
We NEVER broke the transfer record for a defender
We NEVER run out of the Coutinho money
We NEVER had £50million in accounts for digging a hole in Stanley Park
We NEVER turned up pissed & gibbed into grounds
We NEVER blame anyone else
We NEVER had a sugar daddy
We NEVER claim to be socialists but then claim to be Royalty
We NEVER hacked anyone
We NEVER failed to comply with FFP
We NEVER chuck piss at opposition fans
We NEVER got founded by a Tory & claim to be a socialist club
We NEVER try to put staff on furlough
We NEVER claim a song that was sung at every football ground in the 70’s as OUR anthem
We NEVER had a crowd so little as just over 8,000 turn up for a fantastic European Cup night at Anfield
We NEVER think of insignificant clubs such as
Manchester City
We NEVER have a superiority complex
We NEVER spent £35 million on Andy Caroll
We NEVER turn on our own players
We NEVER thought Jordan Ibe was better than Sterling
We NEVER got English clubs banned from Europe
We NEVER boo an opposition player being carried off on a stretcher whilst wearing an oxygen mask
We NEVER boo the national anthem
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