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    29 Sep 2014
    Express Justification for Fabricated Story

    The above so called `correction` from the Express is little more than an attempted justification for their fabricated story which was published in their media outlets. To add insult to injury it was then unwittingly taken up by other outlets presumably not realising that the story had no basis in fact and was made up.

    It does not set the record straight.

    It is does not even come close to an apology.

    It is little more that a mealy mouthed, lame attempt to pacify a complainant.

    It does not address the core and fundamental issue - that a national media outlet created a story in advance and published the lie that "James Milner was booed by Manchester City supporters when he 'touched the ball during the Vincent Kompany's testimonial." He did not even play in the match !

    The Express have reluctantly accepted that he did not play. Therefore he could not have been booed when "he touched the ball".

    The `correction` appears to try and justify this lie on the grounds of (a) unconfirmed claims on social media before the game (which Milner did not play in); (b) some fans at some previous games had booed him (so what? is this really a headline story? It happens all over the country at almost every football ground !); and (c) he was listed in the large squad of players who may have been selected - he wasn`t).

    There is a very important principle at stake here.

    From previous posts it seems that many are very dissatisfied with the `correction`. Some may rightly want to take this further.

    The following may be interested to hear more about this:

    (1) The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

    This is " the independent regulator for the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK. We hold newspapers and magazines to account for their actions, protect individual rights, uphold high standards of journalism and help to maintain freedom of expression for the press.

    We consider complaints - about newspapers or magazines (and their websites) which are members of IPSO. To see if a publication is an IPSO member, you can check here, or call us for advice. We can only consider complaints which are made under the Editors’ Code. We deal with complaints about editorial material in publications. This includes:articles and the behaviour of journalists".

    (2) The Sports Journalists Association -
    If the writer of the story and the person responsible for the `correction` are members of this professional body.
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    give it to gordon

    3 Nov 2013
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  4. Trevor Morley's Tache

    Trevor Morley's Tache

    23 Nov 2016
    They should no longer be allowed to call themselves a newspaper given that the standards of their journalism is no better than your average comic.
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    One of the reasons this country is in such a mess is that people read liepapers like the Express and believe the shite they print. What's worse is that most readers are old enough to know better, with life experience they should see through bollocks like glass. But they don't.
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    27 May 2014
    Long time since any newspaper printed just news. Nowadays it is just views of news or even lies to make fake news.
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    26 May 2008
    I think that’s the problem mate, it’s the older generations who read news/papers and just think they’re reading the truth.

    Many are from a time from when papers were more real news and fact based and have just carried on with that belief.

    When they read a headline in The Sun, Daily Mail or Express about ‘evil immigrants’, they don’t recognise that it’s an attempt to stir up hatred and cause division, they just see it as the truth and nothing else.
  8. George Hannah

    George Hannah

    19 Mar 2009
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    If anyone is still interested this is the latest on my complaint about Banned Dan - any & all suggestions for the next stage very welcome
    These are the source links he used transfer table & reported spend ('written to order') obviously the most reliable financial data on us from Swiss Ramble is not cited.

    got this Pontius Pilate reply from the PL today as well - co-incidence?

    Richard Masters
    Sent: 20 September 2019 12:47
    To: George Hannah

    Subject: RE: Biased Reference to Manchester City FC by Dan Roan in BBCInterview Broadcast 10pm 7/8/19

    Dear Mr Hannah,

    Many thanks for your email. I appreciate your passionate stance on this topic, but it is our view that journalists are entitled to choose their own line of questioning and the Premier League would not impose any sort of regulation or censorship in this regard.

    The interview with Dan Roan covered an array of topics which I hope offered viewers and readers a detailed insight into numerous matters surrounding the Premier League at the start of the 2019/20 season.

    My answer to Dan Roan’s question regarding Manchester City’s success reflected a desire to focus on the considerable achievements of the club over the past two seasons, when we have witnessed records being broken and one of the most exciting title races of all time as they became only the third club to be become back-to-back champions.

    Kind regards,

    Richard Masters

    From: George Hannah
    Sent: 15 August 2019 12:07
    To: Richard Masters
    Subject: Biased Reference to Manchester City FC by Dan Roan in BBC Interview Broadcast 10pm 7/8/19
    Richard Masters
    Premier League Acting CEO

    Dear Mr Masters,

    I wrote to express my concerns about the above interview to […] at MCFC and it was suggested I should also contact you directly on this same subject.

    Whilst recognising there may be confidentiality constraints I would be most grateful if you could share what you can of your of organisation’s views on this matter and disclose what action has been taken as a consequence together with the BBC response.

    My email exchange with the BBC, including what followed the response of their complaints department, is copied below.

    Yours sincerely,

    George Hannah
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    3 Sep 2012
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    I corrected that for you...
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    You bring the pitchforks and I'll bring the burning torches ;)

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