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31 May 2016
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The Talkshite Twitter post has seemingly disappeared so someone has obviously had a strong word. It's very easy to slag off the Media team, in the same way it's easy to jump down Kevin Parker's throat.

There's a fine line to tread and I understand that, having had a number of conversations with people like Vicky Kloss and Simon Heggie over the years. They're acting on orders from the owner and his representatives, and I suspect people like Simon Pearce are mindful of the reaction of the media and the impact on Abu Dhabi (which isn't known for its liberal press regimne) if we started banning everyone who said something we didn't like. And that wouldn't stop them writing whatever they wanted anyway. Ferguson didn't have that problem and anyway, he largely ruled in a time when the media needed club managements to be onside and therefore were more wary of upsetting them.

Although I''ve defended our media team more than most, there are times even I've thought "Why the hell have you not taken firmer action?". Rob Harris, Delaney and Ian Herbert should all have been told they were persona non grata, at least temporarily, after stuff they've said or written. It's not like we've not done this before with Roan and one of two others. I never really understood the Roan ban, which seemed to be for something relatively trivial in his interview with Vieira.

What Sky did with Sterling and the gun tattoo (whicn they deliberately added a word he hadn't said to make it look more damaging) was far, far worse in my view.

Thanks for that and I realise that it is not a simple thing to control the media, especially as they play up to the rag/dipper hoardes for their benefit.

Obviously supporters like myself are less aware of the constraints placed upon or PR team due to the wishes of the management in such matters and just get frustrated with the endless shit which gets thrown at the club.

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25 Dec 2008
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He represents over 20,000 City fans so I'd expect him to speak on behalf of a lot of those although some of his members won't agree with him. You can't complain that the media have a go at us constantly then also complain when someone who has more right than most to speak on behalf of the fans chooses to defend us.

Whether he went about it in the right way is another matter and open for debate. Personally I'd have taken the opportunity to have a go at the club, rather than Pep, for its ham-fisted introduction of digital tickets, the inability to transfer tickets until the day before the game, its failure to support us with decent transport and its prcing policy.

But I absolutely reject the notion that he doesn't have the right to speak his mind where fans are concerned. If someone had put a microphone in your face yesterday outside the ground and asked for your comments then would you be speaking on behalf of the majority of fans? No - you'd be speaking on behalf of you and those who agreed with what you'd said. If I didn't agree with you, I'd have the right to say so but you (and him) also have the right to speak your personal opinion.
I must disagree with one point you make. Mr Parker represents over 20,000 fans, fair enough. In view of that he should also know that being in that position will put him, and the club, in a tenuous and embarrassing position if he attacks the club.
No matter what his personal thoughts are, or how much he is provoked, he must answer diplomatically and defuse the situation. Then speak privately with the club.
His comments turned a 2 day story into a media campaign, with memes from the usual low life oppo fans.
And, after all this, the only ones he has detrimentally affected is the members he represents.
Tell him to go to diplomat school for a refresher course.

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