Media Thread - 2021/22


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21 Aug 2014
Every football fan believes their club gets a bad deal from the media, in the case of MCFC it really is true.

I used to think that the siege atmosphere worked in our favour because it cohered City fans together but may be this is not so. We've won the title 3 times in 4 seasons, we have the best coach in the game, the most exciting player in the game in Phil Foden and yet there is a whole lot of negativity. If you've got someone pouring poison in your ear incessantly day in day out some creeps in.

It doesn't bother me that Liverpool's fanbase is activated against us or that rival fanbases are jealous but it does start to bother me when City's fanbase starts to get detached from the club. I am not sure we are. The 38k CL attendance was bogus imo. I have been going to games for a very long time and that one felt very wrong. The home ends looked almost full. Journalists like Barney Ronay must know this. He'll have watched the highlights on TV, and they show the ground to have been full, or very close to it, but they still run the story because it suits their narrative.

What is impossible to gauge is the mood of City fans. Ultimately it's through the crowds, and they seem stable to me. The other thing you have is the internet and message boards like this, but 50% of the comments are Man Utd subterfuge and it gets much worse when they are doing well.

Keep up the boycott of the Guardian, and if you are still commenting, please stop. If you must interact with them, report and trolling, or defamation, but do it conservatively. Imagine if City fans did that on Bluemoon, the whole place would grind to a halt and be impossible to manage.
Marvin the little fella and Ronnie send their love xxxx


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28 Feb 2006
BBC Random 100m Mention:
As Grealish comes off:
A match-clinching goal at Stamford Bridge for Grealish would have repaid a fair chunk of that £100m transfer fee.

Fucking disgrace.

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