Media Thread - 2021/22


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10 Jan 2009
Love the post mate, but for me, our greatest achievement was winning the last 14 games in 2019. Nothing will top that for me. The way that gets downplayed in the media is an even bigger liberty imo. Up there with any team sporting achievement on record, given the circumstances and its duration. It’s nearly half a season, at the business end, with the pressure on every single game.

An incredible sporting achievement. An incredible thing to live through.
IIRC, we always seemed to be playing from behind, always needing the 3 points to stay ahead. While that can be a strong motivator, it brings with it tremendous pressure.


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9 Jan 2006
The media narrative destroyed. Oh dear. Some of the Pep criticism from journalists was very poor. Well done to Rio on BT for criticising the media. I respect pros like Souness, Neville and Ferdinand. We know who they support but they are fair I feel to players, and coaches and fans. Obviously Lescott gives City a good hearing but I expect that.

I guess what I am saying that it's not entirely bad and the ex players tend to be better.

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