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30 Nov 2011
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Manchester City
I wish Sunderland could promote itself better. It's a fantastic city. Lovely beaches, National Trust coastline, fantastic pubs like the Museum Vaults, decent Chinese takeaways, great stadium.
Absolutely. Those beaches are terrific and it's a fine city. It deserves to enjoy a greater profile.


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6 Feb 2010
The South Stand
I really feel for Sunderland fans right now with all this noise on the Tyne, and hope they can finally get out of the 3rd Division. Always had utmost respect for Sunderland fans and soft spot for their club. The 14,000 plus who came to Maine Road on the last day of 90-91 were brilliant in the match and after they had been relegated. They were so noisy that day and their backing of their team was 2nd to none. Loved it that they did The Poznan on May 13th 2012. That respect was only enhanced by how sporting every one of them that I met at Wembley after the League Cup Final.

I agree with all of this.

Sunderland fans have always been a really nice friendly bunch whenever I’ve met them too. Like many blues I’ve got a soft spot for them.

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