Munich Anniversary


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22 Jul 2009
Busy Managing my other love - High Lane FC
no mate, the sad thing is that a grown man like yourself can't find it within himself to show some respect for 23 people that died in a tragic accident!

Classy that pal!
Ha ha ha Ja. Odd post from you there pal, so I’d guess comprehension isn’t your strong point?

How is me calling out United making money out of a tragedy being disrespectful? I’ve actually called it a sad tragedy. What United did was disrespectful, so no need to be so self righteous

if the boot was on the other foot, I’d be saying exactly the same thing about City & expect fans of other clubs to call City out about it.

Would you also have a problem with that or would that be ok with you as I’m a blue?

Pathetic that pal!

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