My husband needs your support.


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28 Oct 2009
@Luke'sLaw I've signed your petition and fully agree with you.

I'd also like to commend your bravery in making this video and know that you've already made a difference by sharing this story.

Like some on this thread I've had dealings with gambling companies. Personally it was as an investment, but as soon as starting getting a return they shut you out and restrict your account. No explanation, no regulation.

I realised then what these companies are, sitting making millions choosing only to deal with those who they can profit from. Ultimately my small gains are not at the expense of the company, just at the expense of others less fortunate. Morally I couldn't deal with this and stopped a few years ago. I haven't been back.

I'm also struck by the level of advertising. Something as innocuous as searching for a football result can involve targeted ads on social media, which you can't choose as a category to avoid. Gambling ads should be opt in only, if they are done at all.

So sorry for your loss


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18 Jan 2009
Manchester 18.
My husband loved football, I am a Manc and love Man City but he was an avid LCFC suporter. He went all over the place to watch them and started many of chants when he was watching the games. He would often come home with destroyed vocal chords. City was everything to him but he also had a soft spot for my team too

However, I recently lost my husband through a gambling addiction. He was a happy man but was sucked into a hole after being given 'free bets' which ultimately cost him his life. I have made a video that explains more here.

I have set up a petition asking the government to ban 'free bets'. This is where I am asking for your support. Could you sign and possibly share it.

Sorry for asking but I am trying to gain as much support for this as possible and as he put his all into being a huge footy supporter, I thought I would give this a go. Signing will take 1 minute and sharing will take even less time. Hope you do not mind me posting.
Signed x

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