Neil Warnock retires


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5 Jun 2009
Don't get the hate for him, always found him to be an interesting character. Speaks his mind and I'd much rather see somebody like him in the game than another bland manager with nothing to distinguish him from dozens of others.

Platt Lane 59

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17 Mar 2017
"justified" his Cardiff players assaults on ours in that FA Cup tie in 18.
I am a Cardiff City fan, but have lived in Mcr for over 40 years, so City are my second team, with all my family and most of my pals being Blues.
Neil Warnock gave the Bluebirds fans a "team" with a spirit and hard working attitude that got us promoted to the Top League. He came to my old small town (12 miles from Cardiff) to regain support for the Bluebirds that had been lost due to many years of neglect and disappointing results.
He improved results and attendances.
But, he had faults such as not supporting the youth teams and endorsing old-fashioned tactics (e.g. the attack on Sane and lots of time-wasting).
However, the vast majority of Cardiff City fans loved him as he seemed to care about the club, it's traditions & most of all the supporters.
He may be a dinosaur, but for one of the so-called lower clubs, he gave us a great roller-coaster of a ride.
Mick McCarthy on the other hand...


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17 Jan 2009
doesn't take himself seriously, which is a good thing because no other fucker does either, nota fan but losing a character from the game is to its detriment whoever it is

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