Neil Young

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  1. Duphrates


    20 Feb 2006
    Do you mean with Crazy Horse or just acoustic? MTV Unplugged is brilliant, though apparently he didn't like it.
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  2. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    Crazy Horse. Never seen him unplugged but would like to. I'll take a look at that.

    I've got a cd somewhere of the gig at the Ryman Auditorium when he did the Praire Wind album and then some classics in the second half. Great stuff.
  3. happy daze

    happy daze

    23 Oct 2011
    Nellie always got stick because he avoided heading the ball,turns out he was right on that.
    From what I remember he ended up a milkman,not like today's soft sods overpaid.
  4. blue44


    20 Jun 2009
    Ashton-u-lyne,Manchester.Block 318
    Iv loved him for 30 plus years now,however.....the worst gig Iv ever seen was Neil Young at the NEC at Birmingham about 1981-82 -83 cant remember excactly,on the Trans tour ,it was truly shocking,awful.


    18 Oct 2008
    Like a Hurricane is a quality song but other than that I can't think of a sing of his I really like.
  6. MCFCTrick


    19 Apr 2008
    Give him a try mate .... I'd suggest his Merseybeast or Head Like A Rock to give a good taster.

    And this guy doing the Neil Young classic is a bit of a decent singer .... ;-)

  7. BlueDeadHead


    26 Jul 2014
    Part of the holy trinity as far as I am concerned (Dylan, Young, Springsteen).

    On the Beach is fantastic. If I could only have one would be Live Rust. The electric set with Powderfinger, Cortez the Killer, and Cinnamon Girl one after another is as good as it gets. Those are my favorite three songs. Powderfinger is staggeringly beautiful:


    Look out, Mama,
    there's a white boat
    comin' up the river
    With a big red beacon,
    and a flag,
    and a man on the rail
    I think you'd better call John,
    'Cause it don't
    look like they're here
    to deliver the mail
    And it's less than a mile away
    I hope they didn't come to stay
    It's got numbers on the side
    and a gun
    And it's makin' big waves.

    Daddy's gone,
    my brother's out hunting
    in the mountains
    Big John's been drinking
    since the river took Emmy-Lou
    So the powers that be
    left me here
    to do the thinkin'
    And I just turned twenty-two
    I was wonderin' what to do
    And the closer they got,
    The more those feelings grew.

    Daddy's rifle in my hand
    felt reassurin'
    He told me,
    Red means run, son,
    numbers add up to nothin'
    But when the first shot
    hit the docks I saw it comin'
    Raised my rifle to my eye
    Never stopped to wonder why.
    Then I saw black,
    And my face splashed in the sky.

    Shelter me from the powder
    and the finger
    Cover me with the thought
    that pulled the trigger
    Think of me
    as one you'd never figured
    Would fade away so young
    With so much left undone
    Remember me to my love,
    I know I'll miss her.
  8. BlueDeadHead


    26 Jul 2014
    One of the great love hate relationships in Rock and Roll. I love that both Young and Crosby wrote songs (arguably two of the best songs either ever wrote) about the break up of CSNY. Crosby's edges Young's for me (you can't beat having Jerry Garcia playing peddle steel on a tune) but both are worth a listen.

    Young's Account:


    They were hiding behind hay bales,
    They were planting
    in the full moon
    They had given all they had
    for something new
    But the light of day was on them,
    They could see the thrashers coming
    And the water
    shone like diamonds in the dew.

    And I was just getting up,
    hit the road before it's light
    Trying to catch an hour on the sun
    When I saw
    those thrashers rolling by,
    Looking more than two lanes wide
    I was feelin'
    like my day had just begun.

    Where the eagle glides ascending
    There's an ancient river bending
    Down the timeless gorge of changes
    Where sleeplessness awaits
    I searched out my companions,
    Who were lost in crystal canyons
    When the aimless blade of science
    Slashed the pearly gates.

    It was then I knew I'd had enough,
    Burned my credit card for fuel
    Headed out to where the pavement
    turns to sand
    With a one-way ticket
    to the land of truth
    And my suitcase in my hand
    How I lost my friends
    I still don't understand.

    They had the best selection,
    They were poisoned with protection
    There was nothing that they needed,
    Nothing left to find
    They were lost in rock formations
    Or became park bench mutations
    On the sidewalks
    and in the stations
    They were waiting, waiting.

    So I got bored and left them there,
    They were just deadweight to me
    Better down the road
    without that load
    Brings back the time
    when I was eight or nine
    I was watchin' my mama's T.V.,
    It was that great
    Grand Canyon rescue episode.

    Where the vulture glides descending
    On an asphalt highway bending
    Thru libraries and museums,
    galaxies and stars
    Down the windy halls of friendship
    To the rose clipped by the bullwhip
    The motel of lost companions
    Waits with heated pool and bar.

    But me I'm not stopping there,
    Got my own row left to hoe
    Just another line
    in the field of time
    When the thrasher comes,
    I'll be stuck in the sun
    Like the dinosaurs in shrines
    But I'll know the time has come
    To give what's mine.


    "Cowboy Movie"

    Me and my good partners
    We were riding back to our camp
    We were feeling very fine
    And the air was clear and slightly damp
    And we were riding back to have ourselves a party
    To celebrate the robbing of the train.

    We were talking kind of low and lazy
    About not having to go out soon again
    You know we hadn't been back home two hours
    We heard a hawk cry out in the night
    And you know that's a signal from young Billy, who's our sentry

    He's saying something here ain't exactly right
    So we quick grabbed some of our hardware
    Stumbled out of our home
    In two minutes flat we had found her
    An Indian girl all alone

    And Eli said, "Let's take her back to the cabin"
    I said, "You don't know she might be the law, yeah"
    He said, smiling kind of nasty,
    "It ain't too damn likely she'll beat me to the draw."

    As we were walking back through the darkness,
    I heard the Duke, he's our dynamiter, say,
    He said, "What's your name, sweet little Indian girl?"
    She said, "Raven." and she looked away.
    Right then I didn't trust her, no and I said so, oh no.

    Now, Eli, he's our fastest gunner
    He's kind of mean and young from the South
    He said, "Fat Albert, you're getting kind of old and weird now."
    "You'd better get your twelve gauge shot gun right out."

    Now Eli and the Duke they got down to it
    They each wanted the Indian girl for their own
    But when they finally got around to asking her
    You know she said she'd come to take young Billy home
    Eli said he'd kill young Billy
    He'd kill the Duke, and probably me too, yeah

    The Indian girl said, "Go ahead now do it"
    I said "Stop it", and she bit my thumb nearly clean through
    And when they finally started to break down the door
    I smeared my face up with blood from my thumb
    I laid down on the floor and played real good possum

    You know I'm crazy but I ain't real dumb
    Now I'm dying here in Albuquerque
    I must be the sorriest sight you ever saw
    You know the reason I'm the only man here to tell it
    You know that Indian girl, she wasn't an Indian she was the law
  9. Kitplayer11


    6 Dec 2011
    Thrasher my favourite Neil young song of all
  10. Ric


    22 May 2004
    My personal favourite Neil Young song:


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