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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by LucahArchie10, 1 Feb 2019.

  1. LucahArchie10


    21 May 2013
    That's the reason I started this thread. It is a big problem we are weak at LB, our RB has been pants for the last 2 months, Dino & Dave can't go on forever & it's showing, we have a captain who can only play 6 games a season if lucky & we are getting smashed in the transfer market getting used or not getting the deals done quicker.
    On top of all that we are now loosing our brightest young stars because they know there going to get zero games.
    FFP is blowing the arse out of our club but I guess while we are still in with 4 trophys then all above is irrelevant.???
    10 days is important for us the League is what I want the Cup final is a bonus the Chumps League I couldn't give a rat's arse we still ain't good enough to win it without a naturally good & fit LB.
    3 points tomorrow please or we could be looking over a shoulder for 3rd
  2. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    I forgot about Laporte. Mainly due to he plays like he’s been here for years(and the 3 cans of Stella)
  3. GBrannan


    16 Jan 2009
    We’re a summer behind after winning the title because we didn’t address those weaknesses (as subtle as they were). We may well win the title this year but I’m a bit bored of us being apologetic about having money.

    Go out and do it proper and stop trying to play to the media and be nice. Football isn’t a nice industry.

    I want us to properly dominate and that means we’ve got to upset some of our fans by binning off some of our nice but not great players; annoy lots of opposition fans by buying their better players; piss off almost all of the media by doing both of the above and most certainly push everyone at UEFA over the edge by doing what every other top dog has been able to do before we got took over and break transfer records if that’s what is required.
  4. the_tevez_wiggle


    3 Apr 2010
    Fuck me, your the kinda guy who pops the local kids football for going in your garden.
  5. Centurions


    3 Sep 2012
    South India, #iamrabin
    The only bit I agree with in that load of old tosh.

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