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5 Jan 2006
High Peak, Derbyshire
Looking at moving to an O2 contract for coverage reasons in the Derbyshire hills.

Looking at the Samsung D900. Looking at various Nokias and Motorolas and Sony/Ericsons and the like.

I just want a phone. I don't want a mobile PC nor do I want a super-duper-whooper camera. A phone. Not bothered whether 3G or not.

It'd be nice if it had a few games for bored moments, but not essential. Poly or MP3 ringtones similar. Not fussed.

But it must have a decent battery life, be fairly small and ideally have a built in calendar/to do thingy.

Recommendations, anyone?

The Samsung had me hooked until I read loads about brittle screens and short battery life - anone had experience?



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6 Jul 2005
I have the D900 - great little phone IMO. The only downside to it (and you wont be arsed) is you cant personalise message tones. Battery life is decent, its not the best on the market, but I'd say if you use it alot your getting about 2 days out of it (fully charged), if your not using it a lot, the standby seems to use very little power. Nice design, sleek, light. I like it.

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