New PL Commercial rule passed (pg4) | City rumoured to be questioning the legality

I see Sky are keeping a nice neutral stance in their wording as ever on this.

"(APT) rules are intended to ensure a level playing field among English football's elite teams by preventing clubs from signing commercial deals at inflated prices, thereby enabling them to spend even greater sums on players"
The definition of fairness only applies if you benefit the red shirts and legislate against any other club.

What amazes me is that all the other clubs bend over and take it without so much as a whimper, they even have the fans of those clubs mouthing their lies for them.
Given this apparent threat of legal action (thought to be from us) relates mainly to associated parties. I think we can be clear that this is what the crux of the PLs 115 charge case is about.
So as was expected all along, the PL are using illegal tactics to get at City, If this goes to court it would suddenly mean all charges are frozen and when the court decides to back current trading laws, which they would have to, surely most of the charges are then wiped??
No as the two aren't really linked.
The next tweak to the rules will be to exclude any income from the new co op arena. Rags and dippers don’t have one so will cry foul.
Possibly the hotel though with it being part of the ground structurally weve got more of a chance there I’d think.

they are entirely predictable

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