New Podcast: Aguero the record breaker, Napoli destruction, best ever Premier League start

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    30 Oct 2009
    Blue Moon Podcast Season 9, Episode 13: Favourite Man on Earth

    This week:
    - Celebrating Sergio Aguero's feat of becoming City's greatest ever goalscorer
    - Analysing how City's playing from the back helps them to control games, even if fans are left jittery by it!
    - Working out what's improved John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi as a partnership
    - A flashback to 2011-12, when City last broke the record for the best ever Premier League start
    - Praise for Raheem Sterling and questioning just what he has to do in order to convince people he's the real deal

    Episode 9.13 - Favourite Man on Earth
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    Episode 9.13 Extra - First City Heroes
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  2. wagonman


    19 Apr 2012
    Various Locations in Europe...
    Thrilled to have my question used on the podcast "Ask the Panel" section despite an important word being changed!

    "Is there any danger, if Alexis joins us in January of his arrival upsetting the spirit of the team (remember Rodney Marsh)"

    I asked if a January arrival of Alexis might upset the SPIRIT of the team but this was changed into the BALANCE of the team.

    Never the less, I am still thrilled and love the podcasts...

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