Newcastle at home tickets


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13 Apr 2009

was after 2 tickets, got one now, need another in south stand tier 3.

Still lookin for a ticket ss lvl 3 for my daughter, she’s comin home from usa, want her to be able to sit with us, message me if you’re not goin
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Looking for one 18-21 preferably SSL1 but not too bothered. Been sold out for a while but I've had no luck catching any in resale.
Also after 2 together for this if possible. My nephews 18th next week and we haven’t been up for a game for a while! (Live in south wales) if anyone can help would be much appreciated.
I know there's a few looking for the same thing, but in search of 2 tickets for this game. Bringing the girlfriend over from Ireland for it, would take 2 seats anywhere (as long as they're together). Cheers.
My pal is coming over from Ireland and wants to take his son to his first City match
After 2 together either adult/child or 2 adults

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