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6 Sep 2020
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Man city
Next 10 Premier League games:

West Brom (H) - Draw

Southampton (A) - Win

Newcastle (H) - Win

Everton (A) - Postponed

Chelsea (A) - Win

Brighton (H) - Win

Crystal Palace (H) - Win

Villa (H) - Win

West Brom (A) - Win

Sheffield United (H) - Win

Burnley (A) - Win
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7 Jun 2012
Anything over 2 points a game is good going this season, so as we are 3 points behind that at the moment I’d settle for 23 points to leave us in and around the top. Anything more is a bonus.
Will say this though haven’t watched much this season but think I’ve watched enough after today to say all the top teams are lacking intensity and consistency not just us, so 76 -80 points will probably win it.


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25 Jun 2020
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Manchester City
Last few seasons we could beat anyone and go on long winning streaks because we scored goals and lots of them.
This season we aren't, so until this is sorted out it winning runs will become a challenge for us.
Part of me thinks Pep is a proper stubborn **** and will keep starting out of form players like sterling and Mahrez (ok he had a worldy v the mighty clarets) rather than going with hungry players, in Foden and Torres.
Attacking has been our DNA in seasons gone by but at the moment it looks like George Grahams Arsenal, keep a clean sheet and try and nick a goal

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