Neymar makes racist abuse claim


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28 Aug 2005
Then he’s a bigger wanker than I first perceived how come he was running and falling around like a deranged idiot for the last 30 mins what possessed him to start the running battle with “alleged” racist in the first place. Somebody long before the 92 minute had clearly lit the blue touch paper.

am backing neymar in this call and if found to be true then the player should be kick out of football
but if neymar is trying it on ? and hopes to get a player punished with a false call then neymar should be kicked out of football


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2 Jan 2009
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Just call him a cnut, no need at all for any racist shit to be added.
Should get a long ban if proven and Neymar should get a ban just for being a cnut


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13 Sep 2020
easy you lose the lot ? just like any other crime if your found guilty, you may have to lose your job to pay the price of the crime with the punishment and you have to start again from dot

so if we want it kicked out of football then show it ? mean it ? its simple teaching and learning from somebody else mistake really does work, ok its harsh ? but a racist remark to somebody can really have a big effect on that person life

Lose the lot? Except the FA or whoever the governing body of the league is doesn't have the power to seize someones assets. That only happens in extremely serious criminal cases and in this case the footballer isn't even committing a crime. That's before we even get onto evidence and the standards in football being a lot vaguer and shadier than being proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

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