Northern Ireland premier league 23/24

Have a mate I work with lives in macosquin and goes to most games. has said I have to get up for a few pints and game there this season. Going seeing it live has to be better than some of the BBC coverage. Although if i go to a game locally its usually Derry City. Dont think theres a huge gulf in class between the leagues
Know macosquin well. Got family live there and some friends from there as well. Know guy runs the bar there and met him at Northern Ireland away games and had plenty of beers with him even though he's Ballymena fan lol
I used to watch them on Monday nights on SKY, not a great standard to put it mildly but i enjoyed them. Something really gritty and authentic about it all and i always though Glentoran's ground oozed character.
The Oval,Glentorans ground was used in parts as Maine Rd for the film The keeper about Bert Trautmann ..
Not sure about the smaller teams maybe Dungannon swifts, loughgall, etc. The big Belfast sides of Linfield, Glentoran, Crusaders and Cliftonville all mainly one side or the other. Cliftonville were banned from even playing Linfield at home for years. So basically Linfield had 2 home games against them rather than one home one away. Coleraine trying best to be a cross community club and only recently some guys been banned from our supporters club bus for sectarian chanting. They've been banned from other busses and also unable to book own coach due to trouble.
Def not Loughgall
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Not league related but nice to see the 2 countries closest to my heart playing locally. And obviously a very special scoreline. pleasing

Coleraine drew 2-2 last night. Up to 2.0 against 10 men for 70 mins. Manager made 3 changes on 90th min and they concede 2 late goals. Think won once on road since January
Get in there. Coleraine owners group 'Friends of Coleraine' vote in favour of £2m investment. Aim is to go full time
Watched the vast majority of Glentoran vs Crusaders tonight live on the iPlayer.

Another enjoyable match - I'm starting to get into this league!!

Not certain if I will end up favouring any one team in particular, but you never know

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