Officially the least used academy in Europes top 5 leagues.

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  1. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    CIES has released an article (link at the bottom) analysing the 42 clubs who have been ever present in the top 5 leagues across Europe over the last decade.

    This is the results for "number of minutes played by club trained players -


    Some would say that's pretty embarrassing for a club who have invested so much in the academy, drummed up so much press about it, and whose CEO constantly talks up how important academy players are to the clubs' plans.

    Rest of the article is here -
  2. alexmcity


    1 Aug 2019
    Team supported:
    Creating a great academy is not a quick process. We wanted to become a top club starting from a relatively low position and had to invest a lot of money in, as it were, finished articles.

    You always pay a price for achieving progress. The price we are playing is not having much time for youngsters in our attempt to close the gap to the biggest clubs out there. We have been so successful at it that within 6-7 years we have completely surpassed Man U, let alone Arsenal, results wise. That wouldn't be possible if we had more time for academy players.
  3. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Between zen and mad
    It's more bollocks stats,it's much easier to get into most teams than a team like ours


  4. Cobra


    21 Aug 2008
    It’s too much of a risk really. Imagine if we’d given Sancho a couple of games at the end of the 16/17 season instead of Navas or Nolito. Yeah he might have signed a new contract but we’d probably be languishing at the bottom of the Championship right now.
  5. Gaudion M

    Gaudion M

    5 Sep 2014
    Barcelona are pretty good and they are at 46%....

    We haven't used any academy player as first choice since Micah Richards! I'm not overly arsed given how successful we have been but it would be good to make a dent in this. Hopefully things will change with Foden and then others will follow.
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  6. If it was one of my grandkids I'd be asking Why would you want to join ours?
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  7. ballinio


    22 Apr 2006
    Are you embarrassed ?
    Where’s the list about how much our academy players have made the club in the last 18 months to 2 years ..
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  8. I'm With Stupid

    I'm With Stupid

    6 May 2013
    While our academy hasn't been utilized particularly well, it's important to realize what these stats actually show. If a club has one homegrown player who starts every game, that's 9% straight away. So Mark Noble playing every game for West Ham for 5 years would be evidence that they have a better academy than us even though he's 32. Meanwhile Barcelona have Messi, Busquets, Pique and Jordi Alba all in their 30s being used to show us how good a job they're doing giving opportunities to youngsters. What would be more interesting would be the game time of club-trained players under 21.

    Never mind, I just read that it's over the last decade. I thought it said 5 years. Which means we could play nothing but academy players over the next year and still only go up to 12%.
  9. Pablo1


    1 Aug 2011
    Most successful English team over last 5 years isn’t using enough academy players.
    Who’d of thought?
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  10. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    This just doesn't hold up under any scrutiny though.

    If it takes time, and it's a long term effort, don't invite every journalist in the country to the minihad and tell the world you'll have an entire team full of academy players in 10 years.

    Don't tell everyone in your end of year message that 1 youth player must come through and play for the first team every season. Don't go around Europe buying up every talented youngster you can find in 2009/10/11 if you know you're not going to give them a chance in 2013/14/15 because the first team results are too important.

    If the first 11 years of the takeover were just focusing on the first XI and academy players couldn't be brought through, then why turn it into such a giant, visible part of the club, and therefore a target when you fail to do everything you promised so loudly?

    Of course there's also the argument that the whole "first team too important" line doesn't explain why every champions league winner in the last 10 years has had academy players in the starting XI (seems it very much is possible to win everything and have academy players play) but that's a secondary argument.
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