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12 Apr 2019
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FC Zurich (and city of course)
I put a few of the most prolific bell-wafts on ignore, but because they tend to post every time someone on twitter either agrees with or offends them you end up with a lot of gaps and half-blank pages.


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3 Jul 2008
I take it you click on the new post tab , I never understood the point of that function as at least 75% of stuff on here is shite half the time.

I ckick on the forums I might be interested in and can then see all the threat titles and open ones I think I will interested in.

Clicking on new post would mean trawling through the wanky transfer forum and half the bollocks on the main one.

Log on

Go to off topic nowt I fancy , up to the politics, same old shite onto main forum or general football if I see something looks interesting open it.
Five minutes later; back to PornHub. :-)

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