Our players out on loan...


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13 Jan 2009
Neil McNab said:
mikethecitizen9 said:
You can't call Robinho shite, hes a world class player. We need someone like that on our team. As for the others, we won't be able to sell each and every one of them, and we can't waste our money on releasing them by paying them their contract. I say give em' a chance for one season and then make our decision. It's only fair to them.

Johnson has looked twice the player and he's not world class, your pennies take longer to drop than everyone elses!

That big chip on his shoulder is makin it difficult for him to play productively. N he keeps fallin over his bottom lip. I'd bring him back n let him rot on the bench the arrogant big headed over inflated ego twat..... Best player in the world or so he said....... he's not even the best in our team. Grow up Robinho take a leaf out of Messi's book n let your feet do the talkin
9 May 2010
All I'm saying is that we can't keep on paying extravagant amounts of money for players and then just releasing them at the 1st chance we get. I agree that Robinho is a complete ass but he is a good player. We need to do proper business.<br /><br />-- Tue May 11, 2010 6:41 pm --<br /><br />And Johnson doesn't play in the same position as Robinho

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