Our strength in depth.

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  1. pavelsrnicek


    4 Jun 2009
    Cover for Fernandinho is probably the lowest on the list but probably the most necessary. The difference in the said with Fernandinho as opposed to Yaya, Delph or whoever is incredible. Given that he is on the edge of ban this early he could easily get another 2 matches later in the season.

    We could also do with a left back in truth.
  2. blueparrot


    7 Jun 2012
    Think Sanchez , but not sure how we manage the squad for other positions as it would need to be one in one out, Toure and Mangala are possibles, but not sure whether we need a left c.b or maybe a left back most with Delph covering Fernandinho. Delph has been fine but I don't think he helps Sane much going forward.
  3. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Don't think we'll be getting any starting quality CM's in January, but a left back might be seen as less essential to a selling side and would free up Delph to cover Fern more often.
  4. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    i've been a bit bad tempered these last few days since i broke my shoulder,i'll try and tone it down a bit,i love pep as much as the next person but he does annoy me with some of his decisions
  5. oldius


    10 Sep 2008
    IMO the replacement simply cannot be Yaya. He has been the most wonderful player and one of the best central midfielders the Premier League has witnessed, but the attacking flair that we have needs to balanced by a defensive diligence that he can no longer deliver. I believe that Gundogan can offer excellence in that role but whoever plays it, nobody in the midfield can allow runners to simply break free, with little or no challenge, without the CDM appearing to be the liability.
  6. franksinatra


    25 Nov 2008
    I think that is the nature of the beast he is always trying formations/players which are unorthodox in the hope he stumbles upon something such as a Delph at left back or Fernandiniho last year at right back, two number 8s etc. It is what makes him such a great manager and a step or two in front of his peers.
  7. Blue Eyed Dick

    Blue Eyed Dick

    27 Jun 2017
    Strength in depth and squad rotation – surely a balance needs to be found?

    At present we have what is essentially a ‘A team’ of about 12/13 players, and a formation that, while not rigid, they are comfortable with. We watch this every week and we are thrilled by it on most occasions.

    Against Shakhtar on Wed (a good European side, at home in freezing conditions), Pep made multiple changes, changed the formation, and introduced 3 aspiring youngsters (one playing out of position). There were so many variables that its difficult to tell who or what worked. Should we be surprised that we did not see the fluid football that we are getting used to?

    Squad players are not getting game time, but is this amount of change presenting a realistic opportunity for them to shine or grow?

    Many called for the B team (even women’s team) to go and play this match so that the A team would be fit and rested for Sunday. So maybe this is what we got and we should manage our expectations and not be too critical. However, this does not represent rotation. Surely the right balance is to play to our best ability while also ensuring the full squad, including our aspiring youngsters, get game time.

    Therefore, rather that wholesale changes for games like this, wouldn’t a sensible approach be to give one place in most regular season games to a 'squad player'/aspiring young player? Then we could see what works and what doesn’t, based on a single change under the true guise of squad rotation?

    First post – go easy on me.

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