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    Hello Bill,
    it's Paolo from Italy an Atalanta Bergamo Fan.
    I just subscribed your forum and before posting i'd like to ask if possible and get your authorisation to post as I don't want to break any rule and respect all members.
    As you surely know, Atalanta is due to play in champions league on 22nd october Vs. City at Etihad Stadium and then in november in milan.
    As soon as the calender was out on the night of the draw, with the usual friends we attend games we booked flights and hotel to Manchester to see the game. By the way, we are normal people in our fifties travelling with our grown up kids.

    The following day Atalanta announced that all away tickets will be given exclusively to a partner travel agency selling them in bundle with flight tickets at a price tag (between 4 and 500 euros!), thus excluding all people arranging travelling on themselves and just for business reasons :(

    We hoped anyway to get tickets for the etihad match on site last week but they restricted the sale only to fans previously attending City matches (up to 6 tickets per fan).

    I'd like to ask help to any City fans who could buy our tickets and I am willing to help for the same on the return match or any help with logistic in Italy or just to share a pint in Manchester or Milan.

    Could I post my search of help on the ticket thread or do you any reliable city fan who could help us?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and for any help you may give.

    Take care

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