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salford blue 62

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9 May 2010
Oh alright then, I'll offer this little story. I'm not a believer in ghosts but some stuff is this story.

We like to visit the Somme. Twice a year if possible and the 2nd trip is with a mate, Lee, who shares my fascination with WWI. October 2019. We visit the hotel in La Boiselle, epicentre of the British Sector on the Western Front. Indeed, where the gates to the residence stand today used to be a German machine gun nest which would have showered Mash Valley on July carnage. Appalling. The owners, an English couple, extended their property and plenty of stuff was found during the groundworks. No bodies, almost surprisingly, just lots of metal items. The place drips with history, the whole region is a beautiful place but with a terrible, tragic history. Hundreds of thousands of men are missing to this day and, for sure, walking the fields, etc means you are walking over graves. Many graves. It is to some extent a vast charnel house.

Anyway. City beat Southampton in the CC and we had a good laugh with Dave, the host. We had plenty of Beaujolais, plenty. I went to bed in a room my wife and I always have, a twin on the ground floor. The hotel was not technically open due to the hostess having and op, so we had it to ourselves together with Dave, as a favour really. We take a lot of drone footage and compile stuff for educational use and our visits have been frequent. We are friendly with the hosts, they are ace people.

I get up in the morning and put on my trousers only to find that each pocket is full of sachets of tea and sugar, the sort you get complimentary in hotels. There were about 30-40 in each pocket, absolutely heaving. I went for breakfast and thanked Lee, my mate, for the prank. It wasn't him. He was more pissed than me the night before and there is no way he would have staggered through the hotel to achieve that. No way. Dave, the host, then? Not really...sneaking into a paying guests room to fiddle with their clothes? Hardly. Both were as spooked as me. Dave said he hadn't replenished any of the complimentaries since Julie was in hospital and of course there were no booked guests other than us. Also, the store room was locked. Both blokes are sound and their reactions were genuine. We sat in silence for a minute, it was very odd.There were no sachets in any room, as it happens, so finding that many stuffed into your kecks is really unexplainable.

A while later I wrote about the episode in an email, copying in Dave. He wrote back and said next time we are over they'll tell us about the cigarette smoke and the water canteen. Neither of them smoke. I'm intrigued. He says they don't mention things as it could spook customers and that would not be good business sense.

I've been walking on the Somme and have on occasion stopped and said to my wife that I don't fancy walking down a particular track. There's a spot by Mametz Wood (Google it, again, total carnage) that spooked the shit out of me last Summer on what was a staggeringly beautiful summer's day. Idyllic, deserted, quiet and pastoral...yet I was just not able to walk the path. I cannot explain it. The wife said she got a severely cold breeze when I was photographing poppies just outside Beaumont Hamel British Cemetery. It was baking hot with no wind at all. I felt nothing. She is as cynical as anyone but swears she felt something odd. It's a spot that was horribly exposed to machine guns located on a ridge that dominates the area below it and many men fell there and it was a textbook killing field.

It's an odd place. Many died and died young. Blown to pieces, maimed horribly, grim, terrifying deaths. I know a spot where I can see 15 cemeteries...some with thousands of lads in them. History...quite incredible. I know of no place with such a vibe. I love it there and feel relaxed and comfortable in the quietness and beauty of the landscape but you know something terrible happened there and it's kind of an indescribable feeling of awe.

The sachets

I cannot explain any of it. It was and is bloody weird. And there it is. Just thought I'd share. I'm not saying anything about what it could be because I have no idea. Not a clue.
Incredible and interesting post mate.

Two Gun Bob

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2 Apr 2010
Life is a web spun of ghosts dreams and illusions.
If only there was life before death in Bacup, Bob; )

It's a ghost town

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