Paris Saint-Germain (A) - CL | Post-Match Thread

i kne albert davy

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29 Aug 2010
Thought we played well in a really good game, difference was they took their chances and we missed the easiest chance of the night. Play that well again and chances are we win that game comfortably which I fancy us to do at the Etihad unless they bring that ref with them.

Tim of the Oak

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29 Dec 2012
I thought we played really well, just as usual when it’s a game like tonight we just haven’t got the striker to hit in the box. So much possession and no one to focus on getting it to, imagine for example having Dzeko tonight.

Anyway, assume it’s been mentioned, but Bernie would have been offside if he’d have put in Sterling’s rebound so that one’s on Raz and no one else.
It’s very marginal whether Bernado would have been offside or not. Especially if the thicker
VAR lines are being used. The loss is on the whole team and the coaches and down to the clinical finishing off PSG.



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6 Sep 2020
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Man city
Well Pep should have made sure Tkiki got one.
This Pep is blameless when it comes to not having a striker is rubbish. He knew Kun was gone, he's here long enough to know Jesus is not the one. he didn't see the point in keeping Delap. He toys with the idea of making torres into one but then decides No.
Regardless of what you think Txiki just presents the options to the club after talking with the player/agents. Omar and khaldoon decide if and how much we should pay for the player. Pep obviously wanted a striker but he can't pay from his pocket now ,can he?
Also we were unable to sell any of our players.


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16 Nov 2008
Yep he was very good. Perhaps PSG would be fawning over Walker if the scoreline had been the other way round? Thought he had a really solid game for us tonight.
He has everything. Pace being the main quality that helps him gain yardage like a race horse. He made Neymar hit the side netting and that challenge was one of the best on the night .


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26 Jun 2020
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Man City
/ /.
Rodri is the MOTM for me.

The rest of the team did well apart from the front 3.

& I wouldn't blame Sterling when Pep plays him as a striker.

Foden showed again that he is better LW than Grealish.

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